Welcome to Your Mane Cave

December 4, 2017 11:04 am

We’re still not done with all the male figures in all of our lives! We’re continuing our devotion to men’s hair style and men’s haircuts, and overall men. We’re proud that Huntress Hair Religion can be your own Man Cave, your manctuary, the man land where you can get pampered and adorned with the latest hair styles.

We want you to make yourself a priority, and with all the talk about women’s hair styles, long hair extensions and what not, we felt it’s about time to we had a talk about men’s hair for a change.

And to start off the talk, we’re happy to introduce to you our new cut throat shaves with our legendary barber Elisa, who’s known for providing a first-class service. Elisa’s talented hands are ready and she’s open for booking your cut throat shave services as of now.

We always strive to reward our loyal customers, and make everyone feel like royalty. We’ve already told you a lot about our memberships, but this one goes out to all the men that visit our salon. Have you considered a Mankind membership. How is this beneficial to you? As a member, you get unlimited men’s cuts and even 10% off all products and additional services. With a price that’s locked in, you get to reap all the benefits without breaking your bank, everything you come to the salol. Choose the frequency of payments and indulge in having your hair done whenever you want.

$9.50 per week
$19 per fortnight
$40 per month

Want more from your membership? Then The Gents membership is the right one for you. With our new membership program, you don’t just get unlimited cuts, but unlimited cut throat shaves as well! The 10% off of other services and products still counts. Choose between the two memberships that suit your personal needs and ask us about it!

And because we know you don’t like to waste time, here are a few other services that you get to enjoy, along with their price points.

Barber Trim $44
Cut Throat Razor Shave $40
Barber Trim and Cut Throat Shave $79
‘‘Beard Style’’ Facial Clipper Cut $20

We’re waiting for you hunks, and we want you to come out of our salon feeling awesome! Step into your own man’s world inside of our salon and let us refresh and recharge you.