Taking the Trophy at Geelong Business Excellence Awards

September 19, 2017 4:54 am

We did it again!

After competing for the first time last year and taking home the award for the ‘Best First Year Entry’ at the Geelong Business Excellence Awards in 2016, we decided that this is not going to be the year we skip the GBEAs. We were excited, passionate and ready to hit another bulls eye. And we’re so lucky we didn’t skip 2017, because once again we were able to celebrate our success with a great recognition.

Our previous victory was a breeze in the back that Caitlyn needed to enter once again. After months and months of preparation, six months to be exact, hard work and consistent effort, 2017 graced us with finalist positions in the following categories:

  • Sustainable Business
  • Retail Business
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Small Business

Caitlyn proudly took home the award for Customer Service and ended up among the top three finalists in the category Young Entrepreneur for Huntress Hair Religion and Summit Salon Coach.

Looking back to where we started, coming from the brink of failure and closing down, to this moment, when all our blood, sweat and tears is actually recognized, it’s difficult not to be overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. We can safely say, we started from the bottom and now we are here!

Sure, words can describe exactly how we feel; but we’d need a biblical blog post to show all of our enthusiasm and motivation. At the end of the day, being rewarded is a thank you for the past, and push into the future. We’ll passionately continue to work hard and be even better, in order to thank our beloved and loyal supporters. You know what they say, ‘Another year, another chance to shine!’