Huntress Hair Religion Honours Men this Movember

November 15, 2017 2:28 am

Our lovely clients know that our entire salon experience is all about them. But for those who don’t know yet, our service is completely customer-centric. We’re all about giving back to every single person who walks through our doors. But this month is a little bit more special than the rest.

What was formerly known as November, is now #Movember in our salon, and we’re so excited for it! We love our men, because the world just wouldn’t be the same without them. And because we love them so much, we dedicate each November to them!

For the past three years, we have been avid supporters of the Movember initiative, the only charity that’s tackling men’s healthy on a global scale, all year round. So, we’ve caught up with our boys and men this month, and it’s still not over.

We started out Movember, by hosting a free shave down on November 1st, for all the men that are participating. If you’ve missed it, don’t despair. The story doesn’t end there.

This month, we’re also introducing cut throat shaves, so stay tuned for more details that are soon to come.

If you come to our salon during the entire month of November, for each men’s service or product bought, we’re donating $1 to the Movember Foundation. Every single product or service counts, as it enables the foundation to fund innovative research and impact men all around the world, who may be dealing with issues such as: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, or mental illnesses. The entire team is passionate about it, and we want you to help us, help them!

Join the movement, and let’s help all men live a better, longer life. It’s so easy to do, and you could make a difference with just one product or a service. We can’t do it alone, but together, we can do a lot.