Hair Myths Busted

June 26, 2018 12:52 pm

Want to know which hair facts are actually FACTS and which are just plain myths waiting to be busted? As hairdressers, we hear a myth in our salon every now and then, and we’re eager to bust a few myths for all our lovely clients who might prevent themselves from getting the hair of their dreams, simply because of false information. Forget the urban legends, or what you read in a Google search, because we all know there’s all kinds of information floating around in the digital cloud. Let’s get into it!

MYTH: Colouring hair isn’t healthy.
FACT: Don’t forsake bleach and hair colour forever, because it’s not as dangerous as everyone claims it to be. While bleaching can cause damage to your hair in various ways, tinting your hair can actually plump the hair strands injecting moisture back into them, leaving it with a beautiful shine, and overall healthier and thicker hair strands. Toning works in the same way which is why we always use a toner. Remember, there’s always a positive side to everything.

MYTH: Heat protection should only be used when straightening or drying hair.
FACTS: Did you know that a barbecue at its hottest point is 90-100 degrees? Now, think about a hair straightener that goes up to 210 degrees. Heat protection doesn’t sound that bad now, does it? But overall, this is one of the biggest myths that’s actually still quite common. Heat protection should be incorporated into your daily routine, because it provides UVA/UVB protections and keeps your colour from fading away quickly. Using a heat protectant is a must with hot tools, but it’s also a must on an every day basis.

MYTH: You can’t colour your hair during pregnancy.
FACT: With ammonia being one of the greatest concerns of everyone in pregnancy, ammonia levels in hair colours are actually so low, that it doesn’t actually cause any issues.

MYTH: You shouldn’t cut your hair if you want to grow it out.
FACT: Whoever invented this myth, was probably not a fan of hair salons. And, although some like to believe that a trip to the hair salon for a fresh cut isn’t necessary, we like to think otherwise. If you don’t regularly trim your split ends, it will
actually result in your hair not gaining any thickness or growth for that matter!

MYTH: Blonde hair always breaks and snaps off.
FACT: We can understand why so many of you think so, especially if your hair was coloured by someone who wasn’t experienced in creating a beautiful, blonde, healthy mane. But, when the procedure is performed correctly with the right products, and you take home the right hair care products, your hair shouldn’t experience any major damage. Being blonde is a commitment, and if you can’t commit, this is when hair horror happens.

Have any hair myths that you want us to be bust? Let us know!