Charli Nekrep

General Manager // General Manager

I am Charli, the Girl Boss’s right-hand AKA General Manager, and am here to organise and support the team.

With my background in hairdressing, customer service and experience leading large teams, you can be confident that your hairdresser is well trained in the latest trends to keep you all up with the latest colour and cutting styles and are able to give you the right advice for your home hair care routine!

You will occasionally see me at the front desk to greet you on arrival, and see you out after the team have made you look and feel amazing. I will always make it my priority to make your complete visit from the moment you walk in the finest salon experience we can offer.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

* Cert III Hairdressing

* Previous Manager Huntress Hair Religion

* Cert IV Business Administration

* School of Life – Cert of Leadership 2018