Caitlyn, Lauren and Charli Take on New York

May 7, 2018 4:23 am

We crossed the ocean and stepped onto the streets of a concrete jungle to attend the Secret Salon Society Summit in New York. A week in New York was well spent, meeting, learning and soaking up inspiration from the leaders in the industry such as:

  • Tracey Hughes
  • Tabatha Coffey
  • Rodney Cutler with operations manager Derek Reynolds
  • Poppy King
  • Esther Kiss

The Secret Salon Society Summit was held at the stunning Park Lane Penthouse overlooking the greenest and most beautiful area of New York – Central Park. The event was designed for all salon owners who want to take their business to a whole other level, be known as an expert and influencer in the Hair & Beauty Industry and who want to be more than ‘just a salon owner’.

During the course of seven days, we immersed ourselves in the world we love so much, expanding our views and learning from the experience of industry legends.

One of the highlights, that Loz and Charli got to enjoy, was learning from Derek Reynolds, who not only lives and owns a salon and barbershop in Nashville, but also manages the Cutler brand in New York. They spent an entire morning getting a complete tour of the Cutler Salon in Soho, observing, understanding and building upon what they already know.

Leaving the Big Apple left us exhilarated and bursting with new ideas that are going to enable us to push our salon to the top of the industry. We’re not just salon managers, owners, hairdressers… Our mission is to continue to learn, improve and climb the stairs to the top, so that we are the ones who set the trends, push the limits and influence everyone around us, so that one day we are the ones who have the honour to teach others.