Be the Perfect Brunette

April 14, 2018 3:41 am

Bombshell brunette locks become more popular as we step into the colder season, and
we feel the need to surround ourselves with warmth. Hot cup of coffee, warm blanket,
warmer or darker colours in our fashion, decor or even hair. We wanted to help all our
beautiful brunettes out there maintain the condition of their colour, by recommending
our favourites that will ensure your brunette locks remain smooth, strong and shiny.

Keep It Healthy

But first, let’s bust one myth. Darker hair can still feel just as dull as lifeless as bleached
hair or blonde hair. Lifeless hair is common for all hair colours, not just bleached hair.
Luckily there’s always a solution. If you’re looking to keep your locks vibrant, we
suggested the R+Co Atlantis Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Your hair will feel
hydrated, silky smooth, but without the heavy feeling of hair that’s coated in product. It
will feel light and extremely moisturised.

Keep It Vibrant

The Pravana range Perfect Brunette has everything you will ever need to keep your
colour looking as it did in the salon, or the first few weeks after getting your colour done.
Their toning shampoo is formulated with a revolutionary blue-green toning complex, that
says bye-bye to orange and red tones in brunette hair, and help your locks keep the rich

Keep It Fresh

When you’re dying for a refresh of your colour, all you actually will need is the EVO
Fabuloso Chestnut Colour Intensifying Conditioner. It’s perfect for refreshing your colour
and giving your brown a pampering, hydrating treatment.

This is the season for all brunettes to embrace their darkness, and nourish it. With the
products listed above, you’ll find that your romance with brown hair can last a lifetime.