Hunter Barbershop

May 21, 2018 12:07 am

Did you hear? After relocating our salon the previous year, our growing clientele started to consist more and more of kids and men, which is when the light bulb turned on above our heads and the idea of opening a barbershop was born. We’re happy to announce that on June 1st, we’ll be opening the doors to Hunter Barbershop, just 50 metres down the road from us!

What’s it going to be like? Timeless and classic touches to the interior invite you into a masculine and timeless space, almost like you’re travelling through time. Don’t worry, we’re not actually taking you back to an old barbershop, but with a classy interior and a blend of excellent service and a modern approach of talented stylist who keep up with the trends, the barbershop is the ideal place for a trendy, professional cut and style. Every big and small detail is a fusion made to create a high-end, luxurious atmosphere and experience, but at an affordable price, a price for everyone’s budget. A place where everyone can walk into and feel like royalty, without spending more than planned. Priority will, as always be providing our clientele with an excellent service, by constantly improving and keeping up with the latest trends, keeping our skills just as sharp as our tools.

We opened our eyes, we listened and we heard you. With a busy lifestyle and the need for quick hair solutions, we made Hunter Barbershop a place where we offer walk-in appointments. We understand that you don’t always have the luxury of time to sit around and wait for a free chair, so we’re offering you instant gratification. Step inside and walk in straight into a chair.

We will be stocking both local and global brands making you feel and look sharp.

Pure Rain (local)


Tucker Browne (local)


The resident barber is Tayla, and the salon will have 6 more barbers ready at all times. We’re waiting for you in the chair!